Shaykh, ‘Allaama, Al-Muhaddith Hammaad al-Ansaaree –Rahimullaah

Shaykh Hammaad bin Muhammad al-Ansaaree al-Khazraji as-Sa’adi – in lineage to Sa’ad bin ‘Ubadah al-Ansaaree, the noble Companion –Radi Allaahu anhu.

The Shaykh left Africa, – the country of Mali- due to the humiliating colonisation over Africa at that time. This was the French colonialism which was filthy, unrelenting, and terribly violent. It had eaten up everything whether it was green and alive, or dry and dead. It prevented people from becoming religious and seeking knowledge, it demolished the rights of the people of Islaam, in addition to many other problems, difficulties and types of corruption.

The Shaykh was born in 1344 A.H. in a town called ‘Tadd Makkah’ in West Africa in the country of Mali.
The Shaykh’s father passed away when he was eight years old, so he was orphaned and lived in the shelter of his uncle, his mother’s brothers and his mother. Also those around him from amongst his relatives both on his father’s side and his mother’s side were students of knowledge, scholars, Muftis and judges. So he grew up in a purely knowledge based environment, in an environment where there were nothing of the modern day conveniences whatsoever, such as electricity, cars and planes.

He lived in the most beautiful of surroundings, of greenery, forests, pure fresh water, beautiful breezes and clean air. 
The people at the time of the Shaykh would memorise the Qur’aan using slates and boards. The Shaykh of the scribes would write one or four Ayaat and the students would go away and memorise them, and then recite them to the teacher, then the teacher would wipe it clean and write other Ayaat for the students, and this is how they would memorise the whole Qur’aan.

He studied under a number of scholars of al-Madeenah an-Nabaweeyah in Dar al-Uloom ash-Sharia’, from them were Shaykh al-Khaleel -Rahimullaah- and Shaykh Abu Bakr Shareef al-Timbaktooee – who was a teacher in the Masjid Nabawee Shareef near the Rawdah.
The Shaykh taught ‘Sunnan Tirmidhee’ in the Masjid Nabawee until he finished it completely, likewise he taught Arabic grammar, the study of the forms of words, and some sciences and hadeeth. He was a teacher in the Islamic University, in its institutes, faculties and in higher studies.
He would encourage students of knowledge to spread the ‘Aqeedah Salafeeyah, to learn it, and teach it and he would clarify the ‘Aqeedah Salafeeyah for them with an excellent explanation.’

When the order came to launch an Islaamic University, there was a difference of opinion of where it should be. So Shaykh Hammaad suggested to Shaykh Muhammad bin Ibraheem ‘Ala-Shaykh -Rahimullaah: ‘It would be good if you established it in al-Madeenah since previously there was an Islaamic University in Madeenah which was none other than Aboo Bakr –Radi Allaahu anhu– who represented the Arabs, and Bilaal who represented al-Habasha etc.

Shaykh Hammaad al-Ansaaree’s life was not one of play and uselessness or a life of being meek and lethargic, rather it was a living example for a biography of a serious scholar who turned down the enjoyments of this life and its pleasures. He sacrificed his time and effort for knowledge and teaching. He -Rahimullaah- would exemplify the guidance of the Salaf as-Saalih in his look, in his appearance, his character, his manners, his good behaviour, his humility, and him turning away from everything, which may violate and dishonour knowledge and the prestige of the scholars. He had Islaamic awareness, he was a Zahid. He possessed honesty in his tongue, and purity in the heart, and contentment. 

The Shaykh died after suffering from a medical error which led him to fall into a coma that lasted nine months, then he died [1418A.H] and was buried near the graves of the Prophet’s -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- daughters and his wives, near the entrance of Baqia’ al-Gharqad.
He was prayed upon in the Masjid Nabawee on Wednesday 21st of Jumada al-Aakhir 1418 A.H. – corresponding to 22nd October 1997.


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